Wyoming Native and Proud of it


Wyoming the Equality State


A women's suffrage movement parade

Wyoming is known as the Equality State because Wyoming women were the first in the nation to be granted the right to vote, to serve on juries, and to hold public office!

Woman's Christian Temperance Union

In 1869, Wyoming's territorial legislature became the first government in the world to grant "female suffrage" by enacting a bill granting Wyoming women the right to vote. The act was signed into law on December 10 of that year by Governor A.J. Campbell.

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Native American

There is evidence of thousands of years of prehistoric occupation of Native Americans in Wyoming.


On the crest of Medicine Mountain, 40 miles east of Lovell, Wyoming is located the Medicine Wheel which has 28 spokes and a circumference of 245 feet. This was an ancient shrine built of stone by the hands of some forgotten tribe. A Crow chief has been reputed as saying, "It was built before the light came by people who had no iron." This prehistoric relic still remains one of Wyoming's unsolved puzzles.

Medicine Wheel near Lovell, Wyoming


Medicine Wheel






Teton Mountains


Wyoming has long been know as "the last home of the American Cowboy". The Wyoming cowboy and many others like him have kept alive a lifestyle and tradition that is as old as America itself.
There are many things that have shaped Wyoming into the state that it is today. From trappers in Rocky Mountains in search of prized pelts, to the expansion of the west and the discovery of gold in California. All of these things brought pioneer wagon trains rolling over the Oregon and Mormon Trails through Wyoming. Many forts were built to fortify and protect these pioneers on their westward journeys. From these forts came many homesteaders and the building of towns. On March 27, 1890, President Benjamin Harrison signed a bill, making Wyoming the 44th state.

'The cowboy became the best-known occupational type that America has given the world. He exists still and will long exist, though much changed from the original. His fame derives from the past.'

J.Frank Dobie


Wyoming Cowboy at sunset






I am an American fighting man.
I serve in the forces which guard my country and our way of life.
I am prepared to give my life in their defense.


At The Point of the entire UN Counter Attack, September15, 1950

A section of M1917A4 Light Machine Guns and a 3.5" Bazooka Team of "I" Company, 3d Battalion, 5th Marines, having helped capture Wolmi-Do island earlier that morning, secure the causeway leading to Inchon.

A rare moment in history -These few Marines were the sharp point facing the whole North Korean army.


Wyoming Casualty List





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